Growth Mindset

How do we treat ourselves when we are in the process of learning something?

Do we judge based on the timing of the learning?


Do we judge based on the performance of the learning?

Love this video from Carol Dweck on how we learn!



Today, my Inner Techie had a bit of fun!

I did the following:

  1. Installed ‘Go Ethereum’ (geth)
  2. Installed the ‘Mist’ Browser; and
  3. Created my 1st private BLOCKCHAIN network.

And this is just in preparation to:

  1. Set up ‘Ether’ accounts
  2. To Mine ‘Ether’; and then
  3. Publish Smart Contracts.

The world is changing, let’s adapt!

#smartcontracts #gas #ether #ethereum #blockchain #distributedledger #doublespendingproblem

Rubiks Cube: A Set of Algorithms!

Screen Shot 2017-08-26 at 15.48.26

In February this year 2017, I completed the Rubik’s Cube for the 1st time using the ‘Layer by Layer’ Method aka The Beginner’s Method. I was delighted. As a teenager, in the 1980’s, I did not complete it. Recently, I managed to solve the cube in 1 minute 12 seconds, YEAH! 🙂

There are 2 sure fire ways to improve from here:
1 – Learn the Jessica Heinrich Method aka the CFOP method (Cross – F2L – OLL – PLL), which means learning to recognise 119 patterns and perform the associated algorithms to solve; and

[Info on 119 patterns]

41 patterns for F2L ‘First 2 Layers’ [6 cases]
57 patterns for OLL ‘Orientate Last Layer’ [14 cases]
21 patterns for PLL ‘Permutate Last Layer’ [13 cases]

2 – Learn fingering techniques which speed the movements of the cube.

Yesterday, with instruction, I completed the Cube 4 times with the CFOP method, the next level has started and I feel like a kid in an adventure!
(It is all down to practice now)

Now, ideally, if I was God like I could solve any pattern of the cube with a maximum of 20 moves! (20 is the God number for the cube)

And if u want to learn yourself, goto

Any tips from people who already know how to do it, very welcome! 🙂

4.73 Seconds [Human World Record – Feliks]

0.637 Seconds [Robot World Record – Sub1]